All of my dolls are made entirely by the hand of Heather Louise Bennett and no machine or other mechanics are involved in their construction.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

unfinished boxing men--any takers?

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  1. The compliments are well deserved Heather...you're work is surely touched by genius.

    I like all your dolls above but I prefer another gentleman from your club series the most...which I've posted on my facebook page for you to see. Please bear with me as I'm somewhat facebook challenged (though I'm learning)...direct email is good as well (which I gave you in my last note)..unless Esty has some kind of regs against it.

    Price is fine, thanks for that (Cindy says great things about you and your work). Is there any size flexibility? Could I request a specific tattoo to add ? Facial expression? Too many requests? Hope not!!

    Feel free to ask add'l questions and thanks for your nice response!!